State Sen. Josh Newman Honors Peggye Jackson

Peggye Jackson receives tribute from the California State Senate from Senator Josh Newman. 

Peggye Jackson Won’t Seek Reelection as Trico President

Hello Members and Friends,

Many years ago I started on the radical path of changing the political path of our community.  Ultimately, with encouragement from Sanobar Baig and Gregg Fritchle , and the insistence of my political mentor, Helen Dougherty, I pursued organizing a Democratic Club.  This was a great undertaking but I took the challenge and look where we are today?

I am making this announcement with emotions of sadness and joy.  As the Founder of this organization and serving many years as its President, I have decided to not run for office this year.

It is time for someone else to take the wheel and lead us to new heights.  I have devoted much of my time and care,  to contribute to our success.  It is now time to move us forward with new energy and dedication.

I hope if you nominate someone for office or when you vote, it will be someone who will do a better job than I did.  It’s called growth and we all deserve this!  I’ll say my farewells and appreciation later.

Nomination procedures will be sent soon.


Peggye Jackson

 Annual Awards Banquet is a Great Success