Tri-Counties Democratic Club Officers

Delegates to Los Angeles County Central Committee

  • President,  Peggye Jackson
  • Vice President, C. Mack Gilliland
  • 2nd Vice President, Iris Mann
  • Recording Secretary, Barbara Armstrong
  • Treasurer/Controller, Earle Saunders
  • Corresponding Secretary, Doug Doner
  • Parliamentarian, Greg Fritchie
  • Paul and Nancy Garcia, Delegates
  • Olivia and Claude Lee,  Delegates
  • Peggye Jackson,  Delegate
  • Iris Mann, Delegate
  • Cindy Chen,  Delegate
  • Earle Saunders, Associate Delegate
  • C. Mack Gilliland, Alternate Delegate

Our officers and delegates represent us to the the Los Angeles Central Committee. Their work is vital to our success in getting our concerns heard. They deserve your thanks.

Introducing Newly Elected California Assembly District 55 Representatives

  • Andrew Chou
  • Mansfield Collins
  • Sonar Baig
  • Rachel Valenzuela Kirk
  • Gabriel Alfaro
  • LAllison Thuang
  • Priya Shah
  • Kevin Hayakawa
  • Chris Mann
  • Jerry Knox
  • Bill Rawlings
  • Jim Gallagher
  • Layla Abou-Taleb
  • Linda Freedman