Tri-Counties Stop Recall Event is a Major Sucess


Defeat the Recall Postcard Writing Party


Tri-County Democratic Club Members who participated in the July 8 Post Card Writing event, organized and hosted by Rachel Kirk included Kathryn and Jim Gallagher, Iris Mann, Earle Saunders, Peggye Jackson, Sue Conrad-Kanstul, Dena Anderson-Peoples, Phyllis Soto, Melissa Mills, Barbara Anderson and Mack Gilliland.   


Another Grand Postcard Writing Party

Participants from a Great Postcard Writing Party, June 18!  Join us at the next one, July 8, 5PM. (Email for address.} Great fun, fellowship. snacks!! If you can’t give time, give stamps. Help with early start on Get Out  the Vote against the Newman recall and to keep Congress Blue in “22.

Stop Hatred of All

We stand in solidarity against hate for all people. Asian lives matter! In view of the recent hate filled conduct of Americans against our Asian brothers and sisters, we are united in lending our voice against hatred.

Our First Postcard Writing Party of 2020

Join Us In Peace and Harmony

Let’s not allow hate to get the best of us. We urge you to join with us in support of people of all nations, ethnicities, colors and creeds.

A few days ago an African American family member pulled out of the driveway and discovered a hangman’s noose tied to their tree.  The family has lived over 25 years in this community and found  the discovery shocking and unsettling. The community feels the same way.

The discovery received news courage on several TV channels and appeared on social media. In the wake of so much racial unrest and the present state of our union, we feel compelled to support the family and use this event to heal our community.

Please download the attached flyer and join us on Saturday, September 12, at 11:00 am for a unity caravan.  Make your own poster and bring the family.  More instructions will be given there. Let’s make it a great day!



Blue Wave Hits Diamond Bar

Rep. Cisneros Celebrates Birthday with Tri-Counties Democratic Club


Trico Member Receives Recognition


TriCo’s unrelenting activist, Rachel Kirk is recognized for her passion for the Democratic Party by Senator Josh Newman at the Feb1 kickoff.

Tri-Counties Members Represented at 

Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt Dinner




Festive Spirit on Display at Annual Christmas Brunch

2019-2020 Tri-County Officers Take Oath


Award winners from the Tri-Counties Democratic Club 4th Annual Gala, Oct 6, at the Diamond Bar Center: From left to right, C. Mack Gilliland, club 1st VP and party activist, Making a Difference Award; Andrew Chou, city councilman, City of DiamondBar, Making a Difference Award; Andrew Rodrigues, Mayor of Walnut, Special Recognition Award; Phil Janowicz, party activist, Standing Ovation Award; Ahmad Zahra, city councilman, City of Fullerton, Making A Difference Award; and Rachael Kirk, party activist, Making a Difference Award. Absent is Candy Soares, party activist, WOW Award. President Peggye Jackson is at the podium.


2019 Annual Awards Gala



Every year since its founding Tri-Counties Democratic Club has resented a series of awards to outstanding Democrats who have shown extraordinary civic leadership, outstanding party participation, and generosity above and beyond the usual.  Below is a description of those awards and their recipients for the years 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019.

The fourth annual banquet was held October 6, 2019.

Making a Difference Distinctive up-and-comer; great leadership promise; demonstrates a sense of calling to democratic leadership; shows an expanding breadth of participation/accomplishment

2019: C. Mack Gilliland, Rachael Kirk,  Ahmad Zahra, Andrew Chou 

2018: Mirvette Judeh, Chris Hon, Vince Hennerty, Andrea Dima-Smith

2017: Allyson Vincent

Standing Ovation – An award meant to recognize Democratic Party veterans of long and distinguished service. Trailblazing pioneer; high profile image; broad-based respect; veteran to the cause of democratic government   

2019: Phil Janowicz

2018: Josh Newman

2017: Peggye Jackson, Gregg Fritchle

2016: Eileen Ansari

WOW! Award – Strong sense of mission; broad-based community service and participation; persistent dedication to a greater cause; impressive knowledge of community issues; willingly sacrifices self for service

2019: Candy Soares

2018: Karen Lawson

2017: Carole Levers, Jim Gallagher, Sanobar Baig

Rising Star – An award designed to recognize promising young Democrats who have esteemed themselves by giving extraordinary service

2016: Clark Lee, Olivia Lee, Andrew Rodriquez, Gabriel Smith, Calvin Sung

2019 Special Recognition

International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, #4or Andrew Rodriguez, City of Walnut