Meet Assembly Candidate Michelle Hamilton

Thursday, August 15, 2019

2019-2020 Tri-County Officers Take Oath

Initiation of 2019-2020 Tri-County Officers taking oath of office administered by Walnut councilmanand AD 55 candidate Andrew Rodriquez on Nov 20 2019.  

Pictured, from left are Rodriguez, Gregg Fritchle, Barbara Armstrong. C. Mack Gilliland, Peggye Jackson, Iris Mann, and Earle Saunders. Absent: Doug Doner

Annual Awards Gala

Every year since its founding Tri-Counties Democratic Club has resented a series of awards to outstanding Democrats who have shown extraordinary civic leadership, outstanding party participation, and generosity above and beyond the usual.  Below is a description of those awards and their recipients for the years 2016, 2017 and 2018.

The fourth annual banquet has been announced for October 6, 2019.

Rising Star – An award designed to recognize promising young Democrats who have esteemed themselves by giving extraordinary service

2016: Clark Lee, Olivia Lee, Andrew Rodriquez, Gabriel Smith, Calvin Sung

Standing Ovation – An award meant to recognize Democratic Party veterans of long and distinguished service.

2016: Eileen Ansari

Making a Difference Distinctive up-and-comer; great leadership promise; demonstrates a sense of calling to democratic leadership; shows an expanding breadth of participation/accomplishment

2017: Allyson Vincent

2018: Mirvette Judeh, Chris Hon, Vince Hennerty, Andrea Dima-Smith

WOW! Award – Strong sense of mission; broad based community service and participation; persistent dedication to a greater cause; impressive knowledge of community issues; willingly sacrifices self for service

2017: Carole Levers, Jim Gallagher, Sanobar Baig

2018: Karen Lawson

Standing Ovation – Trail blazing pioneer; high profile image; broad based respect; veteran to the cause of democratic government

2017: Peggye Jackson, Gregg Fritchle

2018: Josh Newman