Tri-Counties’ Mission, Goals


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Our Mission & Approach


To organize a community in which an informed and active citizenry is engaged and makes policy decisions or advocacy based on the will and needs of all.


Tri Counties Democratic Club  is an inclusive club that seeks to improve the lives of all, promote diversity, and increase civic engagement through political action. Such action includes grassroots organizing/activism, education, as well as building partnerships and coalitions within our community to ensure local political and economic systems are responsive while also representing the values of our residents.

Tri Counties Democratic Club has three intertwined goals: increase civic engagement, identify and elect strong democratic leaders, and improve the quality of life of the community.

Values Statement

Commitment to transforming local decision-making to ensure political, economic, and social systems are responsive to the needs of all.


  • Increase civic engagement
  • Elect strong democratic leaders
  • Improve club visibility
  • Increase voter registration