Tri-Counties Helps Defeat the Recall​

Jubilant Newsom Personally Thanks TricoDemClub Leadership for its Support

“I’m humbled and grateful to the millions and millions of Californians that exercised their fundamental right to vote and express themselves so overwhelmingly by rejecting the division, by rejecting the cynicism, rejecting so much of the negativity that’s defined our politics in this country over the course of so many years.” - Gov. Gavin Newsom


  • Sept 14 is Next Membership Meeting

    The first tricodemclub meting following the summer break will be held on Zoom Tuesday, September 15 at 7 p.m. Contact for Zoom Link.

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  • Greg Fritchie

    Please help us raise funds to retire Gregg Fritchle's campaign debt. Any donation would be greatly appreciated.

    Gregg has devoted many years to try to represent AD55 and most times he was the only one interested in doing so. Last year we had many candidates running for the Assembly; Gregg dropped out due to growing list of candidates. In dropping out early, he was left with a tremendous debt. Please give as much as you can and share this fundraiser with other clubs and political organizations.

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Governor Newsom and the California Democratic Party are asking Democrats to VOTE NO on the RECALL, and NOT to vote for any replacement candidate. On the Ballot, that means Vote “No” on Question 1 and Leave Question 2 Blank.

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To organize a community in which an informed and active citizenry is engaged and makes policy decisions or advocacy based on the will and needs of all.

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Assembly District 55 Serving portions of Los Angeles, North Orange and San Bernardino Counties.


The Tri Counties Democratic Club is committed to supporting local, state and federal issues that impact people.